It’s in 2009 that Camillo Maggi decided to create DnA Associates studio.
Few years later, Federico Mazza was onboarded in the project.
Considered our different backgrounds, the team is today representing a unique combination of experiences and planning visions.
“DnA” stands for Design and Architecture, which are inseparable concepts and fundamental parts of our design methodology.

Our planning vision assumes an essential role in DnA associates way of thinking, becoming that way the main vehicle of our creative ideas’ distribution.

We draw our inspiration mainly from experimental design, thanks to the combination of both a complex research of materials and innovative solutions, we develop unusual concepts to create harmonious and comfortable spaces. These continuous experimentations often provoke a contamination between design and other artistic expressions, aiming to create locations defined by symbiosis and equilibrium.

DnA Associates operates in collaboration with a wide variety of private partners, craftsmen and companies. The studio develops concepts which can be classified in residential spaces, commercial spaces, private residences, special projects, exhibition areas and product design.